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This past week marked the end of a successful women’s lacrosse season.

While the Owls were knocked out of the Little East Conference (LEC) Championship tournament during the semifinals against the number one seed, Western Connecticut State University, their loss did not subtract from the season the team had.

“After last season getting cut short, I was nervous that we weren’t going to have a normal regular season,” said senior midfielder Megan Gorham. “We all stayed optimistic and did everything we could in order to play, and it paid off.”

And paid off it did. The Owls ended the season with a 6-4 win-loss record with all but one game being played on the opposing teams turf. Both the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams were forced to only compete in away games due to the turf at the Owls Athletic Complex needing to be replaced. The women’s lacrosse team only competed in one home game this season which was the LEC quarterfinals against Eastern Connecticut State University. The Owls and Warriors faced off on Dr. Ron Butcher Field, normally used only for soccer. The Owls won that match up 23-13.

Junior attack Brigid Casey explained that regardless of where her team was playing, she was happy to get the chance to compete at all.

“It felt weird but exciting to actually be able to compete this semester,” said Casey. “We were unsure how it was going to be, and with the uncertainty of anyone being put into quarantine at any given time. It was such a good feeling being able to travel to other schools and actually compete in full length games.”

Aside from their win-loss record, several members of the team also received multiple weekly LEC honors.

Looking beyond weekly honors, sophomore midfielder Haile Ratajack racked up LEC Midfielder of the Year, LEC Rookie of the Year and All-LEC First Team, Casey received LEC Offensive Player of the Year and All-LEC First Team and seniors Ali Daisy and Gorham earned All-LEC Second Team honors.

“One of the main goals I had this season was to play every game like it was my last, because it quite possibly could have been. As a team, I think we did that,” said Daisy. “We gave it our all and showed the LEC we meant business. It didn’t end like we would have wanted it to, but we put up a fight. Another goal I had was to make some awesome memories with my teammates, as this was the last time I would ever step on a field as a player. We definitely did make these great memories, despite the pandemic.”

Fellow senior Gorham shared similar sentiments with Daisy, saying that she had several goals for her final season as an Owl.

“I had a few goals this season. One was to stay optimistic and not let the negatives take over the positives,” said Gorham. “Another, [was] to stay focused, motivated, energetic and to be a good leader that could help my teammates in any way. Lastly, to capitalize on the small things. This team was the best and most talented team I’ve been on. Our team chemistry is unbelievable and it showed on and off of the field. I believe I did achieve these goals and that I think I left my positivity mark on all of my teammates.”

The women’s lacrosse team will be losing four seniors this season, including Daisy and Gorham. Senior defense Hannah Shapiro and senior midfielder Shannon Weisensee will also be leaving the team after four committed years as an Owl.

Both Daisy and Gorham had some parting words of encouragement and advice for the team they are leaving behind:


“Words of advice I have for my teammates would be to always play every game like it’s your last, because who knows what could happen and take it all away from you. Make the memories, give your all at practices, learn from the games and celebrate every win, big or small… The team really felt like a family this year and they played a huge role in that. We won together and we lost together, there was no blame placed.” – Ali Daisy


“My advice for my teammates and other athletes: Cherish every moment you have at practice, on game days, and outside of your sport. ‘Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.’ -Ferris Bueller.” – Megan Gorham


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