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Keene State’s women’s volleyball took a victory against Rhode Island College on Wednesday, April 7, at Spaulding Gymnasium.

The volleyball game lasted for 4 sets and the Keene State women’s team won the majority of the sets making a final score of 3 against 1. The first set of the volleyball game had a close start, Keene State scored 25 points against Rhode Island’s 19 points. The second set of the game had a turnover of scores when Rhode Island took the win with 25 points against Keene State, who had 18 points at the end of the second set. With the scores tied, the third set created some suspense when Rhode Island scored 17 points, but Keene State came around and took the win for the third set with 25 points. In the fourth set, Keene State took the win with 25 to finish the game against Rhode Island’s 15 points.

Keene State won the game finishing with a total of 64.0 points. Rhode Island lost the game finishing with 48.0 points, just 16 points short of Keenes score. Keene State had a total of 14 aces throughout the game and Rhode Island only had 8 aces to finish the game. Rhode Island had a total of 7 successful blocks which was higher than Keene State’s total of 3 successful blocks during the game. Keene State finished the volleyball game with a total of 41 assists against Rhode Island who scored a total of 23 assists during the game. The Rhode Island College players finished with a total of 51 digs but Keene State players scored a total of 59 digs during the game overcoming Rhode Island’s total.

The Keene States women’s volleyball team finished the game with 47 kills exceeding Rhode Island’s 33 kill peak during the game. Megan Palmer, a Keene State women’s volleyball senior, finished the game with 13 kills. Sydney Johnson, a KSC women’s volleyball sophomore, finished the game with a total of 9 kills.

Elizabeth Johnson, a KSC women’s volleyball junior, finished with 5 kills throughout the game. Ali McLoughlin, a KSC junior, scored 6 aces throughout the volleyball game. Kelsey Harper, a KSC first-year, scored 2 aces and Palmer scored one ace throughout the game. Rhode Island tried scoring multiple times but players fought hard to block the ball. Johnson and McLoughlin scored 2 blocks during the game. Emilyann Ashford, a KSC junior, scored one block throughout the volleyball game. Kacie Blanchet, a KSC first-year, had 33 assists throughout the game. Reagan Fleming, a KSC first-year, had 3 assists to support her team.

Harper had 2 assists to finish the game. Kacie Blaanchet had 21 digs during the volleyball game, Palmer had 9 digs, and Harper had 5 digs to finish the game strong. The game started at exactly 6:03pm in the Spaulding Gymnasium and was live streamed through the LEC network in order for off campus students and parents to watch.


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