Piper Pavelich / Equinox Staff

Piper Pavelich

Equinox Staff

The sun is out and the weather is getting warmer. As Spring blooms in Keene, students are looking to go out for some fresh air and fun outdoor activities.

Otter Brook Lake, also referred to as Otter Brook Beach, is located approximately 15 minutes from the Keene State campus on Route 9. The trail offers views of the lake, wildlife, and surrounding forests and is a spot to visit when looking for a simple trail to walk.

Otter Brook Lake has an approximately ¾ mile trail that circles around the lake. There are multiple shelters alongside the trail where one can stop to rest or take some pictures. There are many photo-worthy spots along the trail if that is something that peaks one’s interest. The common wildlife, the sun shining, and the forest alongside the trail make for many photo opportunities.

The trail begins at the parking lot next to the beach that is on the lake. This beach is a spot where one can sit and relax in the sun and enjoy the view of the dam nearby. One can also watch any wildlife strolling around, such as geese and other birds. There is a bridge where one can stop before or after the walk to take some pictures of the stream, listen to the water flow and watch the sun set. There is a row of picnic tables just beyond this bridge where one can sit and relax or get some work done with the view of the stream right in front of them. Right alongside this row of tables is an open grassy area. This area is a spot where one could have a picnic, lay down a blanket and relax under the sun, or play a game of Frisbee; it is a big enough spot where one could do virtually any kind of outdoor activity.

The openings between the trees let the sun beam onto the trail and anyone that walks it, so bring some sunscreen and water! The trail is unpaved and consists of dirt, gravel, and sand, so wear sturdy shoes when walking. This trail does allow furry friends, as long as they are on a leash and the trail is kept clean. The trail is well-maintained and only has a few sticks and branches along the way. This trail is good for all skill levels, as it is a relatively flat walk. It is a fairly popular trail, so it is not uncommon to see faces along the way. However, one can find themselves on a quiet walk around the lake, as the area is big enough to spread out and keep some distance from others.

This trail and surrounding area is considered amongst locals and visiting tourists a peaceful place to do virtually any outdoor activity. Students may find themselves doing things such as taking a walk, picnicking, exploring, photographing and many other activities.

The trail at Otter Brook Lake and the surrounding area is a must-see site for those who are looking to do multiple activities outdoors now that spring has sprung.


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