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Looking for a place to kick back, relax and escape from the pressures from the outside world for a little bit?

Fear no more, Crafternoon has got you covered. Crafternoon is hosted by the Office of Multicultural Student Support and Success. Every week students meet in the student center in the Atrium Conference Room to create their own masterpieces. Hunter Kirschner, Coordinator of LGBTQ Student Support, created this club as a chance for students to relax and enter a space of peace.

“Each week we create a space for an hour for students to come and engage in any kind of craft project that’s being offered,” Kirschner said. “Either I offer something personally, or I have folks from across campus from other departments to lead various crafts.”

Crafternoon thrives on being a place for students to leave all of their worries out the door and come in to create something that’s meaningful to themselves. Kirschner said it’s low pressure which makes it appealing to college students. “It’s a nice space to just relax, chill out and have a little activity that’s really low stakes where you can just be creative and connect.”

Junior Allison Jones, a student who attends Crafternoon each week, loves the social aspect of coming together to create something. Jones didn’t hesitate when asked what was her favorite project she’s ever done. “One of my favorites is when we made homemade lid covers for food savers, and we rubbed fabric with beeswax and we made it food safe so we don’t have to use plastic to save food which I thought was really fun.”

During a time where all seems lost in the stress and pressure that COVID-19 has brought upon everyone this year, Crafternoon offers a chance for students to escape that and enter a world of creativity and positivity. That’s why Kirschner really appreciates the club he helped create.

“It can be a nice break in the day, to be like, ‘What is there to do?’”Kirschner said, “Especially this semester, ‘I wanna get out of my room’, ‘I want to have something to do’– having an activity that’s not homework that’s not on Zoom and having those kinds of connections, it’s very relieving for stress and anxiety.”

Crafternoon is every Wednesday at 4 p.m. in the Atrium Conference Room at the student center. All are welcome and encouraged to stop by.


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