Tim Wagner / Student Life Editor

Tim Wagner
Student Life Editor

Throughout my time at Keene State College, I have heard people praise and complain about the food the college offers on-campus.

However, with the new changes made to Hoot-n-Scoot and Lloyd’s, one can only ask if the Zorn Dining Commons will also receive a little extra love.

The new changes seen around campus have been accepted well by students. Every time something new is added to Lloyd’s, there is talk amongst students rating each new sandwich, sushi roll and drink that comes from the student marketplace. However, the most talked about change to the D.C. is the new to-go option.

The new to-go option has honestly changed the entire process for the dining commons. for the better. Frequently, in past years, the hours of operation for the dining commons and the inability to bring food back to dorms. The new to-go option seems to be a remedy to this, now that students can take their food to-go, students can plan out their meals better. Instead of having more of a commitment to sitting down at the dining commons, a student can grab a meal to-go and then return to their dorm or apartment and work on what they need to. This has sped up the process for students to get their food. The to-go option also allows students to bring home what they did not finish, instead of composting the food. However, even with these changes, the quality of the food is still the same.

The ingredients provided to the Zorn Dining Commons employees have remained the same since the shift in contract back in 2019. The food is consistently okay. The best options for food are often themed meals such as Wing Night and St. Patrick’s Day meals. The popularity of these nights can be seen in the dining commons due to the long lines for those stations. However, during the week, there is often one aspect of the meal that just does not look appetizing. This could be anything between chicken or the vegetables provided for the night. This is not the worst option, however, because there is usually a station to fall back on, such as the salad bar or the pizza station. However, not everyone is happy with the options.

For years gluten free options have been slim in the dining commons this is detrimental, because Keene State College is home to students who are allergic to gluten. The lack of options could be due to a lack of supply. If the staff members are not receiving the proper ingredients then how would they be able to provide the correct service to students?

However, the dining commons has kept up tremendously with the COVID-19 pandemic. Working in a kitchen during COVID-19 is no easy task and being able to feed a school of about 4,000 students daily is no small feat. So I want to just say thank you to the workers for doing a wonderful job this year.


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