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The month of April holds more than just rain showers.

It is also the month of poetry as it is National Poetry Month across the country.

During the month of April, poetry is celebrated, and according to Emeritus Professor of English at Keene State College William Doreski, poetry month is meant to get everyone involved in poetry. “Poetry Month encourages various organizations to arrange readings and other events to get at least a few people interested in poetry,” Doreski said.

Kyle Potvin, poet and author of the collection “Loosen,” quoted the Academy of American Poets by saying, “‘Poets have an integral role to play in our culture and that poetry matters.’”

Poets love poetry, that is no secret, and Potvin loves poetry because it can help people look and view the world in a different way. “Poetry helps us look at things in new ways,” Potvin explained. “Often, it helps us discover what we are feeling yet are unable to articulate ourselves.”

Potvin explained that this is important and that if you are feeling a certain emotion, there is almost certainly a poem for that. “Every poet approaches the craft differently so there is bound to be a poem, or hopefully more, that resonates with everyone,” Potvin said.

Poetry Month lasts a whole 30 days. However, according to Doreski, that is not nearly enough time. “We should have the whole year dedicated to poetry,” Doreski explained. “Since it’s one of the oldest and most valuable ways of asserting and exploring our humanity.”

Both Potvin and Doreski offered ways to celebrate Poetry Month. “People should read a poem or two every day and preferably aloud,” Doreski stated. “And, go out and buy a poetry book to support your local poet.”

On the other hand, Potvin explained that if you would like to celebrate the month, you should take advantage of the various events happening around campus this month. “There are fabulous poetry events happening throughout April in New Hampshire such as Poetry Flow, Keene State’s National Poetry Month Zoom Series,” Potvin explained.

If you are interested in attending any one of the many Zoom events happening this month, you can visit for more information on the events.


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