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There were two constitution approval hearings held at the March 23, 2021 student assembly. The two approvals were for Cru Keene, a Christian ministry club on campus, and Health Professionals club, a club to help undergraduates to enter the health profession.

During Cru Keene’s presentation, questions were raised regarding an officer’s removal vote prior to conversation. There was another challenge regarding specific meetings as opposed to meeting times changing every semester.

During Health Professional’s Club’s section, questions were raised about the wording of the section regarding member activity and voting. Another question was raised about officers. The club will consist of co-presidents, a question was raised about how these co-presidents will be replaced each year. Lastly, the club was asked to clarify that the club’s treasurer will request money from the finance committee via OwlNet.

Both constitutions were ratified unanimously.

Keene State College received the second round of federal CARES money. This money will be handled by the Financial Aid office, and students will be asked to fill out a survey to receive the money. This round will have a big focus on off-campus students to help cover possible fees incurred by students due to the changes in the Spring 2021 schedule. These fees could include fees such as lease extensions and storage fees.

Student body President Davis Bernstein discussed the creation of a new committee that will look at certain buildings that may need to close or be leased out.

This committee will have a direct impact on the infrastructure of campus, and will work in conjunction with the Vice President of Finance, the Provost, and Chief of Staff.

Class of 2022 representative Kaitlyn Wilson will be stepping down from her representative position in order to step up as Class of 2022 President.

Bernstein also mentioned that basic changes were approved for the next semester, the details of which were not made known.

The meeting ended after saying Spring carnival planning was going good, and will be held on a Friday.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:02 PM.


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