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On March 9, 2021, the first Resumania of the semester occurred. Resumania is an event where Keene State College students have the opportunity to stop by to have their resumes reviewed by local recruiters. About half of these recruiters that help review KSC students resumes during Resumania are Keene State Alumni. This gives them the advantage of having the knowledge of what looks good on a KSC student’s resume because they have already been through the same process during their time at Keene State.

Resumania is put on by Keene State College’s Academic and Career Advising. Many of the KSC Academic and Career Advising staff that assist with this event also have years of experience with looking over resumes and providing detailed feedback on how to improve students’ resumes. Since the KSC Academic and Career Advising staff have an abundance of experience in this field, they are able to thoroughly help students improve their resumes, adjust and adapt their resumes to the current times and even help make an entirely new resume when need be all within a timely manner.

In case someone missed out on this previous Resumania, the Keene State Academic and Career Advising Office holds a Resumania three to four times a semester. The Keene State Academic and Career Advising also offers Career Clinics five to six times during a semester to provide additional assistance with resumes. Resumania has a bunch of benefits over other resume reviewing services. One of the main benefits that Resumania has over these other services is that Resumania is free. Another huge benefit is that the reviewers at Resumania understand Keene State College and KSC students in terms of their experience and knowledge.

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