Lydia Mardin
Equinox Staff

Women’s History Month is once again upon us and, as a woman, I could not be more excited.

To me, history has always held a big place in my heart and is something I am very passionate about. I think the study of history is so incredibly important and something I have been very interested in since I was a young girl.

I remember, as a kid, having something like a month to honor all of the really great things women have done is super important to have. Women have done a lot of important things and by having a month dedicated to women is really special and important. March of 1987 was the first ever Women’s History Month and was originally just supposed to be “Women’s History Week”, as opposed to the month-long observation period like we have now, which I find really interesting mainly because it is such a recent occurrence.

My mother was born in 1978 so she was nine when the first Women’s History Month happened, so the most important woman in my life at least, was already alive when this was first declared, she was also born in March which to me seems like a fun coincidence.

I think there are many important women throughout history that we should remember this Women’s History Month. I think these should include record setting female pilot Amelia Earhart, a Jewish woman who lived through the Holocaust Anne Frank and even the first female Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris. I think that every woman should be honored in some way or another this month, whether she is famous and noteworthy or not. Women deal with many issues and topics that other people would not even begin to understand. Everyone needs to start recognizing the hardships women endure and help out.

Every day in many countries including our own women are degraded and disrespected and we must do better to honor those who gave us life and those around the world who are struggling in their own ways. This Women’s History Month, we need to do better and look at the ways he can help women thrive in the lives they live. There are many homeless shelters, nonprofits and other places that deal with women’s issues every day and this month we should help and support them more than just honoring really famous and influential women but by actually donating and volunteering to help out women who are in need this month, from little girls in schools who do not have enough to eat when they get home to an older women by herself in a nursing home, we should try to find ways to help and respect other women throughout Women’s History Month before it is to late for us to say how thankful we are for their help in our lives.

So go and call your mom, sister or any woman you know who has made an impact in your life this Women’s History Month.


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