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Every student in Keene State’s music program gets the chance to showcase their progress in their junior and senior recitals.

KSC junior Alyssa Becker took the stage on November 7, ready to show audiences her guitar technique.

Alyssa started playing the guitar at age 16 after her voice teacher asked her to come provide assisting vocals for a guitar class. After a few lessons, she grew to love the instrument and started to pursue it more seriously. Becker said she began to take more serious lessons shortly after the introduction.

“I really liked it, and I picked it up fast. And it was fun. I really started playing classically and taking serious lessons a couple months later, when I was still about 16,” said Becker.

This recital is the final product of years of preparation, technique development and hard work, according to Becker.

“It is a lot of preparation. But at the same time, it’s all leading up to a very big event in your college adventure and career,” said Becker.

After working with Becker for five semesters thus far, her guitar teacher Jose Lezcano feels as though she has grown tremendously as an artist.

“She’s come a long way; she really has matured musically and technically in many ways. I think students notice that and faculty have noticed that,” said Lezcano.

Becker also recognizes how far she has come as an artist during her time at Keene State. With one more year to go, there is certainly more to learn. But she is excited to showcase the skills she has obtained through her time in the program.

“I really, really love sharing my music with people. And I feel like I’ve come such a long way since I was a freshman,” said Becker, “I’m just really proud of all the hard work that I’ve put into this, and just the progress that I know that I’ve made.”

According to Lezcano, she has become a real leader within the program. Due to her hard work and dedication, Becker has become a role model for other students in the program.

“The great thing about having students like Alyssa is that her industry and talent create a benchmark for our other students to aspire to,” said Lezcano.

For more information about other music events, concerts and recitals, visit the Redfern Arts Center website.


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