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College recruitment is underway and Keene State College is making virtual steps to stay in the game.

KSC partnered with the University System of New Hampshire for a virtual Future Fair aimed towards highschool students who are beginning their post-graduation plans. The fair was held online via Zoom Conferencing where students gave their names and locations to be recorded and sent to their desired breakroom (determined by their region). 

KSC Admissions Senior Associate Director and Mens Hockey Coach Bert Poirer met with students in or surrounding the Monadnock Region. Poirer said there are positives and negatives to holding virtual-only events such as this one. 

Within the first hour, Poirer met with only three students. While it seemed to be slower than traditional in-person fairs, he said it was a good chance for possible-applicants to have a conversation with KSC staff members and ask any questions they may have regarding coming to the college. 

He said the college has been able to make quick and effective decisions regarding the adjustments needed in lieu of COVID-19. Some adjustments have been adding a text-reminder option to any applicant for Zoom meetings, events and developments in the application process.

However, he added concerns as well.

Poirer said he and KSC’s Director of Admissions Peg Richmond attended a webinar where they learned 77 percent of high school students surveyed prefer to have an in-person visit to the college they are thinking about.

Poirer said this could be due to the major differences in interaction and tangible items they can walk away with, “no swag, no handouts, keychains, stickers…” he added, “kids enjoy going around and seeing all these things… [but] we have to make due with what we have.”

Poirer said he realizes participants will only enjoy the event if they are comfortable Zooming from their homes. He also said he was nervous a lot of students are tired of virtual meet-ups, which could possibly explain a lack of participation.

The college’s Admissions Office is still unsure how future events will be held as no one knows where the pandemic will bring us next, but they are confident that they will be able to adjust as they have needed to so far.


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