Keene State College, along with the rest of the world, is experiencing something that is new to everyone. Due to schools going online, stores closing and social distancing, this spring break is one that no one will be forgetting.

Whether your plans were changed or you decided to have one last “hooray” before being in quarantine, many plans have been affected by this outbreak. This COVID-19 pandemic has affected this whole year, and most students are not so happy about it.

 Sophomore Megan Jamison and junior Liam Vreeland both had plans which needed to be changed due to the pandemic. Jamison was supposed to go see some bands perform in concert, but all tours got canceled. Instead, she spent her week, “watching a lot of Netflix, playing my switch and reading.”

She was excited about the school cancellation at first, but she says she has been home for five days and is worried about what she is going to do for the rest of the semester“I am kind of upset because I got into the honors society for my major and my induction ceremony was supposed to happen when we got back to campus, so I think I have to wait until next semester for it,” Jamison explained.

Similarly, Vreeland’s plans for break were ‘supposed to’ consisted of seeing Jerry Seinfeld and later Billie Ellish along with traveling to North Carolina with his mom and a skiing trip in Killington. He considered this “a pretty hard hit this break,” and instead spent his time chilling at home doing nothing.

Vreeland said he is upset about not coming back to school since he will miss his friends, but he also understands the decision of President Treadwell.

Although some plans were lost, junior Hailey Fisher was still able to enjoy her spring break plans in Cancun, Mexico at an all-inclusive resort for five days. She contemplated going and worried about the possible risks due to the pandemic. 

Fisher was shocked when Keene decided to finish the semester online; “I was definitely upset because I did not leave school thinking this would happen.” 

Junior Sarah Loureiro did not have much planned for the break so she stayed home, unable to work or go out much due to quarantine. Loureiro explained that she loved being home but, “Keene State is my home away from home. It’s where I get to form a sense of independence I don’t get to have at home.” Like how other students might be feeling, she is upset with the conclusion of the semester. 

Loureiro went on to say, “I’m not a great learner through a screen and the school environment pushes me to want to do better and succeed.” he feels discouraged to finish this semester at home and worries about how she will perform. Loureiro also mentioned that the decision for remote learning is understandable, but for many students, they are disappointed to not be finishing the spring semester on campus.


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