As spring break approaches, a semester that has felt much different than the past three seems to already be half over.

Unlike last semester, where I feel like I underwent a lot of change and added many things onto my plate, this semester has been more about me getting comfortable with the schedule I set myself up with back in August.

The biggest and most obvious change has been in my class schedule.

Last semester, many of my classes were very easy and more about filling requirements, with the real difficult things coming from the activities and organizations I’m involved with on campus. This semester, on the other hand, has had me pushing my journalistic skills in different ways than I have before.

While I think I’ve made some good work in the past year and a half of my college career, I haven’t had the chance to make something that I’m truly proud of.

I used to think that I was being too hard on myself, but this semester has had me doing work that is typically out of my comfort zone and I feel like I’m doing very well with it. This is because I’m typically more of a writer, but my classes this semester have had me exploring more of the ethical sides of journalism as well as doing more work with technology.

This semester I’ve also felt a lot more confident in many different ways. I’ve felt a lot more confident in my work this semester as well as my ability to handle adversity when it comes my way. This is due to my job over break requiring a lot of composure and having the ability to deal with people.

My confidence has also grown as I’ve gotten a better handle on my role at The Equinox and made the decision to not overload myself, if I can. I feel this way because when you put too much on your plate, you make a lot of mediocre work as opposed to some great work.

Another thing that I’ve enjoyed more about this semester is I’ve been able to meet many of my friends’ best friends from their hometowns. This has been exciting because it’s given me the opportunity to see the people who shaped those closest in my life.

It’s also allowed me to realize that I can truly make an impression on people in a very short amount of time, which has improved my confidence as well.

Despite all of this, I’ve had one thought creeping in the back of my mind. This thought is college really almost being halfway over and me soon having to go into the real world.

I used to be really scared, but I can tell that as I continue to go further in my college career, I will only continue to have faith in myself along with the work that I do. This semester is overall showing me that change can be scary, but if you’re self-assured then it’s just the beginning of another chapter in your life.

Going forward I am also excited for next semester for many reasons. One reason is because I will be living with six of my closest friends and will get a real sense of independence by living away from home for the summer and school year.

Another reason is I will (hopefully) get the chance to take a step into the professional world with internships. Overall, this semester has shown me that there is a lot to look forward to as I continue to progress in school.

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