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Keene State College has a new secretary of its APO Theatre and Dance Honor Society e-board as of last week. Lindsay Gibbons, a junior at KSC, has recently been appointed to the APO e-board to represent the dance department.

Gibbons said that dance has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Here at Keene State, Gibbons said she has been part of the Choreography Showcase, a campus-wide event for aspiring choreographers to showcase their work, since her first semester. Gibbons said she has also taken part in every Evening of Dance, Keene State’s production of contemporary dance acts, since her freshman year.

At the beginning of this semester, the APO Theatre and Dance Honor Society held its first board meeting of the semester and from there they held what Gibbons described as an open discussion forum where members could apply for positions. Members could nominate people they feel are fit for certain positions, including themselves, during their open discussion. 

Gibbons said she felt that dancers at Keene State did not have equal representation on the e-board for the past few years and that is what inspired her to take the position.

“The dance department is pretty small, but we should have a say in a lot of the things that happen and I wanted to be that voice for the dancers,” said Gibbons.

Faculty advisor of APO Cynthia McLaughlin said that the honor society accepts students who work above and beyond what is expected in their fields and are given acknowledgments for the work they do, and encourages those who meet the requirements to consider a spot on the board.

“Students should contact the president. Each year an email goes out to all majors with the requirements, [which include] a minimum GPA and hours of performance and service to the theatre and dance program,” said McLaughlin.

President of the APO Theatre and Dance Honors Society Laughlin Hentz is a junior at Keene State majoring in theatre and dance with a specialization in acting. Hentz explained that having boards like the APO e-board is important for students to get real-world experience with collaborating and leadership opportunities. Hentz has known Gibbons since their first semester at Keene State and the two have been “production mates” for three years now.

“I think she’s going to be an excellent addition to the APO e-board. As secretary, I believe she’ll be a lovely collaborator,” said Hentz.

Gibbons said she is excited to be a member of the board and is looking forward to all the opportunities this position will bring her throughout the rest of her college career. She hopes to use the knowledge and experience from her time on the board to help further her aspiration to be a dance studio owner with an interest in dance and movement therapy. She said she cannot wait to get an even deeper understanding of how the department works and be the voice for the dance department on the e-board.

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