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Imagine the entire state of New Hampshire being completely engulfed in flames that are virtually unstoppable. Along with the relentless flames, hundreds of homes and buildings would be incinerated to ashes and even more would be heavily damaged. To make things even worse, thousands upon thousands of different plants and animals would be burned to death or killed by inhaling all the smoke and gases that come bundled with all of this fire. 

All of this may seem like something straight out of a nightmare, but it’s actually a reality; instead of it being just in New Hampshire, it’s on a national scale. This nightmare is happening in Australia right now.

Australia is currently being devoured by rampaging wildfires that are storming the whole country. The entire country has been struck by these fires, but the states of New South Wales and Victoria are being hit the worst. Since this article was written, more than 17.9 million acres, or 7.3 million hectares, have been scorched across Australia. To put 17.9 million acres in a more comprehensible perspective, the size of New Hampshire is around 5.984 million acres. This would mean that the amount of land that has been burned in Australia is around three total New Hampshires. 

As one might guess, there are many different ways to help support the people that had their homes destroyed by these wildfires. You could donate money to the Australian Red Cross or the Salvation Army Australia. Both of these organizations use the proceeds from the gracious donations of people throughout the world to help purchase and distribute goods and supplies to people and communities that are in need because of these ferocious fires. 

If you want to help support all of the wildlife that has been affected by these fires, there are a ton of different organizations that you could donate to, such as WIRES or the World Wildlife Fund Australia. Another way to help support Australia is to donate to the firefighters who are helping put out these dangerous fires. You could donate to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service or the South Australian Country Fire Service. 

If you would like to donate to any of these and other organizations, then you can search their names online. There are also website links listed at the end of the article. 

To donate to the South Australian Country Fire Service:

 To donate to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service:

 To donate to the World Wildlife Fund Australia:

To donate to WIRES:

To donate to the Salvation Army Australia:

To donate to the Australian Red Cross:


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