Money problems

Students struggle with budgeting finances

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Connor Crawford

Student Life Editor

Being a college student has its difficulties, but one of the most prevalent issues for students is managing money.

For some students, it can be a daunting experience to hear the word ‘money.’ Money affects students’ lives more than any other factor in college because without money students can’t pay for tuition, school supplies and other expenses that come with being a student.

“I just try to plan out my expenses ahead of time. I know that I have to pay rent on the first of every month and need to keep saving money for a new tattoo I want so I can’t just spend my money on anything I want,” expressed junior Braeden Huot. “Having a goal for where my money needs to go helps me not spend it on stupid stuff I find online,” Huot stated.

“It is very hard managing money as a student,” junior Courtney Leonard said about managing money. “There are many temptations in a college town! Such as food or going to do things with friends even when you know you shouldn’t be spending that extra cash. It’s also difficult once you’re off-campus because then there’s rent and groceries and toiletries and all that adds up, and if you’re paying for it all by yourself it’s hard to save up that money and especially if you are a working student as well,” Leonard continued.

On the other hand, some students felt as if it is not hard to manage money as a student. “I think it is no harder to manage money as a student rather than being an adult,” Huot explained. “If anything I just have less money to manage,” Huot said.

Leonard expressed that saving was her biggest difficulty in managing her money. “Being in college, you want to go out or go get food or go to the movies with friends and it’s very easy to lose track of the money you’re spending when you’re having all that fun,” said Leonard.

“The biggest difficulty in managing money is not spending it on stupid things that you don’t really need,” junior Marissa Lamoree stated. “I’m the biggest sucker for the pop-up shops on Appian Way, but between posters, rings and tapestries they can easily get you to keep spending money you don’t need to spend,” said Lamoree.

There are many ways for students to budget and save their money. Huot gave two examples of how to do so. “Plan out your expenses for the month and have short-term and long-term goals for your money,” Huot explained.

Lamoree also gave some tips for students to follow to help save money. “If you are struggling to manage money, I would write out a budget or get an app that tells you where you’re spending your money,” Lamoree said.

“Another tip is to use direct deposit instead of a paper check. Every time I get paid, $50 from my paycheck automatically goes into my savings and the rest goes into my checking account. That way, in case of an emergency, I’ll always have money I know I can take out,” Lamoree continued.

Managing money can be hard for anyone, but for students it can be especially difficult. Most students have plans in place to save some money, but if you don’t, don’t fret. It takes time to learn how to manage money and college is the perfect place to learn to do so!

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