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When deciding on a college, potential students take many things into account. Tuition, total costs, programs, job placement and even food quality can be things that sway a potential student’s decision. Many students also take into account dormitories and residential life when deciding schools.

Here at Keene State College, dorms are typical for a New England school. They’re red-brick buildings that are older than most, with few exceptions. However, it’s the students that have to live in these dorms.

According to a survey conducted by the Equinox, many first-years are generally satisfied with the dorms, especially those students who live in The Commons. Students liked how modern the dorm was, especially the water bottle stations on each floor and the air conditioning units. They also stated they spent a lot of time in their common areas. However, students complained about the very sensitive fire alarms and disliking others in their halls.

First-year students in Carle Hall liked the room size and close proximity to the Dining Commons, but stated there was a lack of a community feel in the dorm hall. Students complained about the bathrooms, excessive noise and lack of Resident Advisor enforcement of noise complaints. In the survey, no student living in Carle Hall stated they spend time in the common areas.

Students living in Fiske Hall were generally very satisfied with their dorms, and liked the large community and the events put on by the RAs. They also felt that they made plenty of friends in their dorm. However, one major complaint was that students complained about the number of clogged toilets in the bathrooms.

Huntress Hall residents liked the small size of the dorm as well as the RA activities that brought about a community feel. The most common complaint in Huntress Hall  was about the broken washers and noise level on weekends after dark. Huntress also had the lowest clean bathroom average; out of one hundred, Huntress Hall scored a 58.

As for upperclassmen dorms, Pondside Three complaints included the small room sizes and lack of community, but praised the air conditioning in the rooms.

One Butler Court residents complained about the lack of community, friends made in the dorm hall and location of the dorm, but praised the cleanliness of the bathrooms.

Similarly, Pondside One residents complained about how far away from the main campus the dorm is, but liked how spacious the hall is.

Despite all of this, students reported a general satisfaction with their dorms, with the exception of a few things such as plumbing and noise problems.

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