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Claire Boughton

Senior Sports Reporter

With the fall sports season in full swing and several Keene State College teams holding impressive records, why is it that the bleachers at home games are so sparse?

Do you remember those scenes from classic sports movies like “Rudy” or “Hoosiers” where the stands were so packed at every game that the bleachers looked like a sea of heads and shoulders?.

Why does that not happen here?

Yes, Rudy was based on the 1976 Notre Dame football team.

But, does that really mean the energy and support needs to be any different?

Notre Dame finished out their 1976 football season with a 9-3 record.

Keene’s men’s soccer team is currently 8-4. Keene’s volleyball team is currently 16-5. Keene’s men’s basketball team last season was 20-8.

While none of these are football at an ivy league school, and comparing them would quite literally be comparing completely different ball games, they are still respectable records.

So why don’t Keene sports get bleachers filled with people when they compete in a home contest?

The answer is:

I don’t know!

Keene State students get into ticketed sports like soccer and basketball for free when they flash their Owl Card, so attending home games doesn’t break the bank.

And the majority of games are at reasonable times. On weekdays, games for all teams more often than not are scheduled to start at 6 p.m. or later. On weekends, games are held earlier in the day which means they don’t interfere with students’ afternoons or nightlife.

So if home games are free and at convenient times then why isn’t there more representation from the student body in the stands?

While there may not be an answer to this question, there is a solution to the problem.

Come to home games.

With fall weather kicking in, bundle up and come with a group of friends to support your Owls.

Concessions are provided at a majority of home games and with the weather getting colder apple cider and hot chocolate are on the menu as well as popcorn.

So next time you are walking by the Spaulding Gym and see a home game on the big billboard coming up, tell your friends and go!

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