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Slesha Tuladhar

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Music for me is not what I hear, it is a feeling. Whether I am sad, extremely happy, late to work, sinking in assignments or stressing out about tomorrow’s exam, my answer to all is music. I often think that if music was a person, it would have been my soulmate with no doubt. And when I say that nothing in this entire world can make me feel how music makes me feel, a lot of you can relate to me because music compliments our mood and there is music for any mood.

As the country music was playing, an elderly man sitting in his chair was shaking his legs. I could see how badly he wanted to dance. It was a couple of weeks ago that my host family took me along with two other Nepalese students to a lantern dinner. There I got to hear  live country music which was like a blessing to my ears. I did not know how to  country dance, but we definitely shook some hips together. I love how music brings people together. We had so much fun that day.

I listen to music while doing my architecture assignments. Some may say that listening to something while doing homework distracts you, but it is something that makes me focus even more.

Whenever I am down, I just play music and I suddenly find myself in another world of happiness. I do not forget my earphones while going to gym because I tend to do more exercise while listening to music. It is a merit to do more exercise, especially when you know you have been running in a closed cycle of fries and gym. It is then that music helps.

I was in the shower singing a song when I had company in the bathroom. She started to sing along with me. And this is how I met my first friend from my hallway at the start of  college. Having the same taste in music can help you find friends everywhere.

Music has also changed my perception about certain things at times. I do not think about them the way I did before. This may be because music not only affects our ears but also because it flows through our body, bounces back and forth at a perfect spot and soaks in.

I was so stressed few days ago because I did not perform as well as I expected in my  Mathematics unit quiz. I was so down and feeling terrible. But back at my dorm I listened to some music which made me feel so good.

Similarly, sometimes I miss home, family and food. I do not feel like going out and just cry in bed but then I listen to some Nepali music that makes me so close to home. Music makes me feel like a happy person.

Slesha Tuladhar can be contacted at stuladhar@kscequinox.com

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