Student Assembly 9/19/19

Puja Thapa

Administrative Executive Editor

Under the New Business Section, the Treasurer of Student Assembly Maria Tenore presented the budget forms agreed on by the Finance Committee to the assembly. The Finance committee, under the leadership of Tenore, met on Friday to discuss the requested budgets of 19 different budgeted student organizations. The committee came up with a budget recommendation for the organizations at the end of the meeting.

The clubs will get an email soon from the Student Government. They will have the option to either to accept it or make an appeal for additional budget. The appeals will be presented at the next Student Assembly and votes will be made for the final budget decision, according to the Director of Campus Life and Student Government Advisor Jen Ferrell.

To clear the confusion of the student leaders, Tenore and Ferrell informed the assembly that the “Travel” section has been taken out of the budget forms since fiscal year 2019/20 for the better use of funds.

Ferrell also shared that the Memorial Gallery for late Keene State senior Nicholas Leppla was a success after around 135 students showed up.

Student Body President Davis Bernstein and Vice President Sara Olson informed the assembly about the elections on Wednesday, September 18 from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm for the class of 2023. There will be a table at the Student Center for voting.

The assembly meets every Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

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