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It has been a little over a full month since I returned from Thailand. If I had to tell everyone what I learned in one column, it would take up at least two pages in our newspaper. Instead, I’m starting a little column about philosophies I’ve learned and lifestyle choices that I have chosen to adapt into my life here on campus. One being today’s topic: Erasing shampoo from my shopping list.

This was not an easy decision. I have always had more of an oily texture to my hair and I’ve been self conscious since childhood. My teacher, and friend, C.Carow told me that he has not used shampoo in years. While In Thailand, I couldn’t test this theory because I felt too dirty at The Project I volunteered at.

Carow said our body naturally cleans itself if given the chance, our hair included! Unfortunately from birth, our natural oils are stripped from our hair and then replaced with shampoo and other products. This is not generally healthy for our hair and can cause many problems- especially if you are like me and try to shampoo daily.

Strait Ahead Hair Designs hair stylist Alex Shepard said in a message, “It’s best for your hair and scalp to not shampoo every day… many older women who will get their hair washed once a week and that is perfectly fine… if [a person’s] hair is healthy and they are still brushing and caring for it then I don’t see a problem.”

With Carow and Shepard’s advice and my own humility, I began washing my hair once a week, and now it has been almost two weeks since I have shampooed. This does not mean I don’t shower! I simply just rinse my hair with water.

If you are going to stop shampooing your luscious locks there are a few things you need to know:

Everyone’s hair is different. People with dryer hair may have an easier time waiting for their hair to adjust. If you’re like me (a bit on the oilier side), I’ve begun wearing my hair up or wearing hair accessories. This helps combat flat, oily hair styles.

It takes time. Carow warned me that it may take a while for my body to adjust to the oils no longer being stripped from my hair so it will most likely over produce until it is trained to naturally clean itself again. This could take months.

Remove chemically created shampoo from your shopping list. If you keep shampoo in stock then you will most likely go back to your old habits when your hair starts to look greasy.

Coconut oil is your friend; I’m speaking to you my frizzy haired peers! Try and find an all natural hair solution or just coconut oil itself! Whichever you’re more comfortable using.

Invest in a boar bristle brush. Loads of research has been done showing that these types of brushes help move natural oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair. They are also softer on your follicles and do not promote split ends. Careful not to brush wet hair, it is harmful for your hair and the bristles.

Not sure if completely cutting out shampoo is for you? I’ve begun looking into all-natural shampoo bars that still clean your scalp but don’t use scary chemicals.

I am happy to try a more natural way of bathing, especially one that is cost effective! Luckily, I’m not alone in this adventure, I convinced my friend to start shampooing once a week as well. She is about a week-in and her hair is frizzing but looks great!

Hopefully this has inspired some of you to experiment with this more “hippy” approach of hair and keep on the lookout for my next column about a fun solution for toothpaste!

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