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Managing Executive Editor

Anticipation filled the air of the Mabel Brown Room on Saturday night.

  On Saturday, September 21, The Social Activities Council hosted a Bingo event as part of Alumni Weekend. The night began at 7:30 with attendees playing three rounds of five games. The final game in each of the rounds was a “Black Out” or cover all round.

The first round of Bingo was called out by Keene State College President Melinda Treadwell. After the first round, the event was taken over by Event Coordinator for SAC Selena Legacy. “We decided to partner with alumni weekend because they haven’t had a big event as far as I know. We chose bingo because who doesn’t love bingo as it’s such a big thing at KSC. They [alum] seemed to love the bingo idea and shared memories from when they were in our positions,” Legacy said.

During typical Thursday night Bingo in the Night Owl Cafe, students have the ability to win prizes such as gift cards and occasionally Keene State College apparel. During this event however, students and alumni could win prizes such as Bruins tickets, a Roku Smart TV and the big ticket item, an Apple Watch.

At the end of the night, sophomore Aurora Caraballo won the Apple Watch during the final Black Out round. “The Apple Watch was one of the main reasons why I went to Bingo so winning it totally made my day, especially with the number of people who played. I didn’t think I had a chance of winning with the number of people who needed one number, but I guess I was just lucky,” Caraballo said.

During the semester, SAC normally holds one or two of these high stakes Bingo games. To find out about future events, Legacy said, “Students can follow SAC at ksc_sac on Instagram and Twitter. And Social Activities Council on Facebook. We have meetings every Thursday at 6 pm in the Madison Street Lounge. There is no commitment, just come and give your opinion and vote on what you would like to see on campus.”

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