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The American Red Cross foundation hosted a blood drive on Tuesday, September 10, at Keene State College for those in the Keene community who wanted to give back.  The drive was located in the Mountain View room on the third floor of the student center.

Josie Holt, a fourth-year student at KSC explained why she donates blood and why she thinks it’s important to whenever possible. Hold said, “There is no good reason for anybody not to donate blood when millions of people around the world need clean blood. It’s a great and easy way of helping out with problems in our society and communities that are out of our control.”

An alumnus by the name of Joe Dumond, who graduated from KSC in 1978, attended the event as well.  Dumond said, “I have been donating since 1982. I’m A- so they’re always looking for me. I like to donate blood so I can help people in the community of Keene and because I support KSC. I have been donating since I was a student here and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.”

First-year Francisco Fialho was also donating blood. “My parents forced me to donate blood as a child, so I continue to do it to this day because, why not, and I’m not afraid of needles,” Fialho said. Fialho gave tips for those who would want to donate but are afraid of needles. “In my experience, the people who are actually taking your blood are extremely respectful and gentle. Also, people need to know that the process isn’t as painful or scary as most people think it is,” Fialho said.

The Red Cross Foundation in Keene and Vice President of Student Affairs Kemal Atkins did not respond to requests for comment.

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