Kiana Wright

Equinox Staff

Hola! Me llamo Kiana y estoy viviendo en España por el semestre! I’m leaving September 18 and will not be in the place I call home for another three months. (I’m writing this before I leave and it will be published when I am already there.) So, these writings of mine might be personal, crazy and maybe comical so feel free to laugh with me at my expense. Here we go, part one of Kiana’s journey to the beautiful country, Spain.

This is how I feel right now leading up to the not-so-beautiful nine hour plane ride. Well, to start off I’m nervous, as a person who does not speak fluent spanish and will be living in Sevilla for a hot minute should be. The whole process to get where I am now has been incredibly stressful. I’ve never been across seas before or even been on an airplane. I picked Spain because it was a challenge. The journey starts 3,360 miles away, in a foreign place where I don’t know anyone, where I have no relative ties, where I am basically flat out risking my life. I know students go through this program all the time so it’s not the program or the school itself I’m worried about. It’s me. I just don’t trust myself, I get distracted easily and can be pretty trusting. In other words, if you all don’t hear back from me in a couple weeks, call Liam Neeson. At least I have a hand full of people on my side.

I have to admit my mom has been one of my biggest supporters with this decision I’ve made. She has been constantly looking up tips and things to do before I leave so I am alive by the end of it. My friends are so happy for me, my parents are terrified for me and I’m in this weird medium. Everyone has been hyping me up and pushing me to be ready and excited for the trip. In the end, sometimes a constant shove is better than being alone, so I’ll take it.

Since I’m starting school so late this semester, I have been able to visit all my KeeneLand friends. I miss them and love them so much and definitely have FOMO (fear of missing out). Snapchats and group chats keep me in the loop, thank goodness. They’re having a freaking blast during their last year at Keene State College and yes, I wish I was there with them, but I’m content knowing they’re doing their thing. And I’m lucky to be doing my own thing with all my classes lined up and new hopefully future friends; who knows, maybe I’ll find the Fabio of my dreams there too.

Speaking of dreams, this just might help me get one step closer to my career goals. Traveling around the world, writing and taking photos of important issues and events. Yes, it’s a little extreme but journalism is important to me. My classes are going to be super exciting too. Out of the six classes I’m taking, I think painting and photography in literary Seville will be my favorites. But we will see because international marketing could bring the professional side out in me, and I hope it does because we all love a good business woman. Oh and my cuisine class will definitely make sure I don’t miss out on all the tapas and wine.

Wish me the best, and pray for your girl. I’ll be sharing all kinds of stories and interesting things I experience when I am no longer in the Estados Unidos. See you then, adios chicos!

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