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As finals week arrives, along with it comes the end of a long spring semester for most. However, for college athletes, their semester doesn’t end when the tests get handed in.

For athletes participating in spring sports, going home is more often than not postponed by post-season championships.

Paxton Blanchard, a Keene State sophomore majoring in safety and a midfielder for the men’s lacrosse team, recalled what it was like for him and his teammates last year when NCAAs forced them to stay on campus past finals week.

“It was definitely an interesting feeling…” said Blanchard. “The campus was completely dead compared to what we are used to seeing every day.”

Blanchard also recalled the silver lining of staying late.

“Our team hung out together the entire time so [we] just [became] that much closer with the guys on [the] team,” said Blanchard.

However, not everyone sees the silver lining.

Joey Fodor, a Keene State first-year majoring in safety, is currently ranked 15th nationally in javelin, securing his spot in the NCAA Championships in Geneva, Ohio, beginning May 24.

His secured spot at nationals, which also means that he will not be going home until after nationals in late May.

“[Staying on campus late] is just going to be living in the gym and then sleeping… all my friends are going to be home and knowing that I can’t go home whenever, [or just] won’t be able to go home for a lot longer than everybody else,” Fodor said.

Staying on campus after finals week is not even the issue for some, however.

Anthony Jennings, a senior at Keene State majoring in safety as well as a member of Keene’s track and field team, qualified for the Open New England Championships in the 4×100 meter relay and the 4×400 meter relay.

The Open New England Championships falls on the same day as he Commencement Ceremony for those graduating this year.

“They’re going to have a separate graduation for athletes,”  Jennings said. “I would rather go to the big one because you only graduate college one time [and] all my roommates are graduating on the normal day, and it just sucks not having to graduate with your friends and insead just graduating with a bunch of other random people.”

Fodor and Jennings will both be competing at the Open New England Championships on May 11 with Fodor continuing onto the NCAA Championships.

Blanchard will be travelling with the men’s lacrosse team to compete in round one of the NCAA Tournament on May 7.

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