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The men’s lacrosse team are LEC champions once again, after beating Plymouth State 24-10 to collect their sixth LEC tournament win. The tournament’s most outstanding player was Connor Nolan. Nolan was selected as the most outstanding player after he notched six goals and one assist. Nolan said, “Honestly it was a team effort, I was taken way off guard by this, we all played well together.”

The team won the tournament after going undefeated in LEC games. Coach Mark Theriault said, “For us, at the beginning of the year we talk about what our goals are, definitely winning the LEC’s is a goal we have.” After winning the LEC tournament the Owls have made their way into the NCAA tournament.

Nolan said, “We executed the game plan and we came out and we showed that we’re meant to be number one in this conference.” The Owls have gone undefeated in the LEC for their seventh straight year.

Going into the tournament, Theriault said, “At this point everyone is really good, so you know we’re excited to hear who we’ll play tomorrow night, I think from there, we just start preparing tenaciously for our game either Tuesday or Wednesday.”

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