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On Wednesday, April 17, all Keene State College students received an email notification from campus safety about a man who had been posing as a Resident Assistant of the College to enter residence halls.

According to the email, Andrew J. Sibik was trespassed from campus on Monday, April 15. He was removed from campus and is not allowed to return.

Video surveillance footage proved that Sibik had been entering residence halls after having doors held for him. Sibik has a criminal history dating back to 2010, which includes burglary, criminal trespass, criminal mischief, possession of drugs, disorderly conduct, violation of probation, among other crimes. According to Interim Director of Campus Safety Kevin Williams, when campus safety presented an image of Sibik to Keene Police Department, they were familiar with him.

According to Williams, it was residential life employees who had expressed concern about the possibility of a man pretending to be an employee and entering the buildings.

“We heard stories prior of a man impersonating a resident assistant. We searched the security camera system when it first came to our attention and were able to identify [him] on April 15,” Williams said.

To prevent these situations from occurring, campus safety urges to students to not hold the doors open to pedestrians. If the individual is meant to be there, then they will have their own I.D. to enter the building. If they are a guest to the college, then they should be properly registered and have the student who registered them let them into the building themselves.

Williams said that Sibik is banned from campus and is not permitted to be there. If Sibik returns to campus again he will be immediately arrested for criminal trespass. If anyone sees him on campus they should not approach or attempt to contact him. Campus safety instructs people to take note of what he is wearing and call campus safety at (603) 358-2228 and the Keene Police Department at (603) 357-9815.

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