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While the transition from playing a sport in high school to college can be difficult, Keene State College first-year Brigid Casey is already making the most of it.

As of April 4, 2019, Casey has already scored a whopping 40 points for the team. This includes her 29 goals and 11 assists.

“I’m happy about it. That’s not the only thing I’m focusing on this season. My goal isn’t to be the highest scorer on the team or in the league… I just want to win with my team and that’s all that matters,” said Casey.

Keene State’s Women’s Head Lacrosse Coach Katie Clark said, “You don’t really know with freshman, how long it will take them to adjust and that kind of thing, but she’s not your typical freshman.”

Casey said that she has been playing lacrosse for 9 years. “It was the easiest transition ever from high school. All the girls here are so welcoming, and I wouldn’t want it any other way,” she said.

“She has quick feet, good size, good strength to her, she can finish well. And I think now with her being here, she’s done a lot more than we thought she probably even would do which is nice. She really stepped up,” Clark noted.

Looking forward, Casey said that some skills that she hopes to improve on are, “My stick skills, my feet skills, my shooting, [and] my defense.”

Clark said that is not common to see a first-year score 29 goals in their first season.

“She worked for it. We don’t set her up necessarily for it. It comes naturally to her… but I don’t think its her end all be all. She has an eye for the goal, she can finish well, she can see the gaps and she’s so strong that she can get in there,” Clark said.

“She has a good control of the offense… but not in a cocky way, she is confident so she goes out there and plays hard like everyone else, but you can’t tell she’s a freshman.” Clark said.

Clark added she is coaching Casey to be more versatile, “so that’s she’s not just scoring but feeding the ball as well.”

Clark noted, “She’s already exceeded our expectations so it’s hard to put more goals on her plate. I hope she continues to grow, play, and enjoy it.”

Emily Parker is a senior on the lacrosse team and said that Casey is confident.

“I think that’s she’s very humble about how she plays. She doesn’t act like she gets all the points that she does. She just kind of does it, she doesn’t second guess herself at all,” Parker said.

Parker noted, “Obviously her attack ability is insane, and she’s just so good all around as a player.”

“She’s just really smart as a player and she just doesn’t really have to think about what she’s doing, she does it.… she has really good lacrosse IQ,” said Parker.

“I’m so glad she’s on our team because I don’t think it’d be the same without her,” Parker concluded.

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