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Thursday, March 28 is when all submissions are due for the Eco-Rep Sustainability event partnered with Plastic Pollution Alliance, which will happen on March 31 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Mabel Brown Room.

The event, Take Your Pic art contest, is where students and faculty can send in poems, pictures, or film of areas with pollution problems.

Rachel Loseby shared that sustainability is being more cautious about your daily roots of life: for example, reusing and composting.

“This event is a kickoff event for green month which is in April. Take Your Pic is a contest [where] you can submit all artwork online,” said Loseby.

Submissions can be sent in using

“There will be different contests, prizes, live bands and food available the night of the showcase,” Loseby said.

Chodus, a local band, will also be playing live music.

“We have a local artist (the Plastic Pollution Alliance) supporting us, who let us take this opportunity and run with it. We decided to have it revolve around sustainability and the environment because it will bring it close to home, having it be the Keene area. The submissions can be promoting sustainability or the lack of sustainability in the area,” said Loseby.

After the winners are selected and showcased, the art will be online as a way to lower the carbon footprint and waste of paper.

“Our main goal is to let the students create photos, poetry, or film to promote the art of sustainability and revolve around the lack of sustainability to open up the eyes and show that we need more,” said Loseby.

Loseby’s main project is the composting aspect on campus. Composting is a major money saver and could create better food in the DC. She wants to add more composting throughout the campus.

The event coordinator for the contest and a part of the Eco-Reps Maddy Thomas shared that sustainability, for her, is preparing for the future and living in a way in which you plan to stay on this Earth.

“This is one of the biggest event the Eco-Reps have had because of our partnership. We are able to do much more with prizes and the band,” said Thomas.

“We want to portray that you can have fun but do it with the least amount of waste. Doing things more [sustainably] is a choice, and we want to show how we can do it with an event,” said Loesby.

They chose to keep the medium at photography, film, and poetry so as to not create as much waste and make work that can be put up online.

“Keene has a really good arts and media program and that’s why we chose that route,” said Thomas.

“It’s a really important thing to get involved and promote sustainability,” said Thomas.

Eco-Reps has more coming for the month of April, and is looking more into getting involved with the students for the future.

Co-Founder of NH Plastic Pollution Alliance and the artist of the event Danielle Baudrand shared through email what the Plastic Pollution Alliance is, “A small nonprofit based in Keene, NH and also a 1 percent for the planet nonprofit partner.”

Her goal with this organization is to engage the eyes of individuals with what really is going on in our world.

“We want to bring attention to the issues of plastic pollution through art and science education with the goal of engaging communities to live more sustainably,” said Baudrand.

They have been working in Keene on many projects for three years now.

“One person can truly make a difference,” said Baudrand. “Every time one person refuses a plastic straw, cup etc. it makes a difference. What we do in Keene affects us globally.”

The Eco-Reps wanted to bring in a local artist to express sustainability views and judge the contestants.

“We approached the Eco-Reps to see if they wanted to help plan a plastic-free event. The goal was to really step back a little and let other voices help inspire others. Together we have been planning the details and working together to make this happen,” said Braudrand.

Baudrand is thrilled to be working with such a great organization on campus,

“It really is amazing to see this group so excited about hosting a zero-waste event. It gives me hope that change is coming sooner than we think, with this next generation stepping up and not afraid to tackle these issues. I admire all of them,” said Baudrand.

For the students that may be nervous about entering the contest, Baudrand said there’s nothing to be afraid of, “Being an artist, you put yourself out there and get scared of rejection. The good news is, no one will be rejected. In fact, the one thing I learned from showcasing my own artwork is that when you push yourself out of the comfort zone, even more fabulous things happen. All artwork will be projected on the wall at the art reception…The goal of the event is to have a celebration with zero waste. You don’t have to kill the planet to have a good time.”

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