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Students are vastly uninterested in politics which results in them being underrepresented, according to John Iacobucci, President of the Keene State College Republicans.

There is a major election in 2020 and students need to become politically active.

“Politics, to college students, is something that they don’t see as relevant in their lives. Most college students do not turn out to vote,” Iacobucci said. “Students are focused on other things like hanging out with friends and school work. They don’t necessarily have an economic burden or the responsibilities older Americans have, so I think college students are not aware of the upcoming challenges in their life. They don’t understand the intersection of politics with that or the importance of [politics],” Iacobucci said.

Just over 40 percent of the 12 randomly surveyed students at the Redfern Arts Center consider themselves politically active, and 92 percent are planning on voting in the 2020 election.

Joshua Bramble, a sophomore communications major at Keene State College, said, “The candidates are all pretty much the same. I really don’t have the time to care about the primaries.  I will vote in the presidential election after things settle down.“

There are many issues that are important to students, but because they are not involved, their voices are outweighed by the older generations who do participate in the town meetings, debates, and give money to candidates, said Iacobucci. “Students can make a big difference, ” Iacobucci said.

Davis Bernstein, President of the Keene State College Democrats, echoed Iacobucci’s statements. He said that politics aren’t something you can block out anymore; it affects your life every day, and student involvement is essential.

Bernstein was optimistic about students getting involved as the primaries approach. Bernstein said that he expects candidates to stop by Keene State College as the primary comes closer, and that this is going to be a chance for people to get involved, meet all these candidates, and find the one that meets their ideals the best.

“Keene State College is big about having students being civilly engaged and is interested in making sure that as many students vote as possible. The college helped last election get students to the polls,” Bernstein said. He also said that many students don’t vote because they cannot get to the polls.

Iacobucci said, “The Keene State College Republican [Club] believe it’s vital for students to get involved, regardless of political leanings. We think it is accentual that everyone’s voice is heard, and we are all students at the end of the day.”   

Both student political parties work to get voter registration and have voter registration drives. They have also had a cooperative drive back in November. Iacobucci said, “I think that was a great sign of unity between the clubs, and it’s important for people to get out and vote regardless of political affiliation.”

Both Keene State College party presidents encourage all students to get involved now. “We are the leaders of tomorrow and if we utilize our voices as one, I think we can make a significant change in the policies that come from Capitol ill,” Iacobucci said.

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