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Nostalgia is something that always gets people to remember simpler times in their lives. One of the most recent nostalgia trips that every millennial Disney kid has been sent on is the Jonas Brothers reuniting and releasing a new song. On Feb. 28, the Jonas Brothers Twitter account (which has been inactive since Sept. 4 2013) posted that when midnight hit, they would be releasing a new song called “Sucker.” One commenter on the post named @exostrike said, “THE KINGS OF 2000s BOYBANDS ARE BACK TO RECLAIM THEIR THRONE.” Another user named @btchycyrs responded to the announcement with an old photo of the brothers with Miley Cyrus, exclaiming that they should “COLLAB WITH MILEY!!!!” It was evident that this is something fans really wanted.

According to Cheatsheet.com, the brothers got back into the idea and headspace of creating music together again when they were shooting their up and coming documentary, which will be coming exclusively to Amazon Prime, as announced by the Amazon Prime Twitter on March 4.

The music video features the three brothers at a private estate in England called Hatfield house. It features them and their wives all dressed in flashy, colorful, avant-garde dresses and suits. It shows everyone doing different activities such as fencing, bush trimming, elaborate tea parties, and playing their song inside of a huge room of the estate. The whole video was done quickly, in just a three week period, to make sure that everyone was being discreet and not have the paparazzi spoil this reunion to everyone.

The musicians have also turned heads on campus. Beth Zinn, who works as the senior program support for the Keene State College TRIO programs, said, “I have listened to the new song and I like it, it was nice to see something new from them.”

Zinn said she loves it and listened to it 3 times before 9 a.m. “It’s ridiculous. That’s why it’s great,” Zinn continued. “I mean, I will continue to listen to their music, I will buy the new CD for my car, but [listening to their music] ‘seriously’…doesn’t make sense. They are a walking, living meme and that is part of why I love them so much.”

First-year film major Lucas Dominick also had thoughts about the comeback. He explained that he wasn’t a former fan of them prior to listening to the song, but he did like the song “Year 3000.” In regards to their new single, Dominick said, “It wasn’t that bad, but it was different from their older stuff.”

The first TV personality to be seen having fun with the brothers and started cracking jokes about and with them has been James Cordon. Junior Education major Hannah Levin shared her hypothesis about the brothers, “I think that all the memes and promos they are doing was just to get some hype for their new single and album coming out. I’m not sure if it will lead to them doing this for the long run, but I wouldn’t mind it if they kept it going.” While Zinn mentioned Cordon and his latest work with the brothers, she said, “No, I think this is all going to die down, but I am enjoying all the silliness with James Cordon.”

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