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Izzy Harris

Equinox Staff

On March 13, the Women’s Keene State Lacrosse team faced Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) down in Englewood, Florida, when senior Chelsea Lewis scored her 100th goal for the Women’s Keene State Lacrosse team.

“I was pumped up, I threw my stick on the ground and it was just really exciting even though we were losing,” said Lewis.

In 2016, Lewis transferred to Keene State from UMass Lowell.

Lewis said she is thankful that she came to Keene State College.

“My coach (at UMass Lowell) never gave me a chance to play and show what I can do… my coach here saw something in me and gave me an opportunity,” said Lewis.

Moving forward with the rest of the season, Lewis said the next goal is, “Winning the [LEC] championship, which I really think we can do this year. We have a really good team and group of girls.”

Lewis said that while she was excited to score 100 goals, “That was a big goal to reach and it was important, but winning the championship would be so much better.”

Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Katie Clark said that she is happy for Lewis.

“It is a good achievement. She does put the ball in the back of the net, she does what she needs to do to help the team,” said Clark.

What makes Lewis’ 100th goal particularly special is she achieved it in only 3 years.

“There’s 7 people on attack, when it comes down [to] it, and a lot of different options, so for one person to obtain as much she has consistently in the three years that she’s been here is a very big accomplishment,” Clark said.

Now that the weight of scoring 100 goals is off Lewis’ shoulders, Clark said this gives her the opportunity to work on other objectives.

“I really want to get my assists up, and just winning in general,” said Lewis.

“She’s trying to be a little more diverse, trying to set other people up which is good too,” Clark noted.

“She’s obviously talented. I think she has good energy about her, [and] I think she does well working on her mistakes,” said Clark.

Emily Parker is a senior and midfielder for the lacrosse team.

“She made such a difference when she got here. I wanted to be as confident as she is. No matter what, she doesn’t really get down on herself. If something she does isn’t right, she tries to fix it immediately. She corrects her mistakes,” said Parker.

Parker said that it is not that common for a player to score 100 goals, but it is more normalized for attackers.

“[It is] a milestone for anyone that has been on attack or on midfield. It’s a good accomplishment,” said Parker.

“She definitely makes our team more energetic… she does a lot in terms of helping our offense especially. She’s a really good attacker. A lot of people look up to her because they want to make a  difference like she does on our team. I think she pushes people to play harder,” Parker said.

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