Spreading Sex Positivity

The Vagina Monologues spread awareness

Erin McNemar

Managing Executive Editor

Breaking a stigma can prove to be a challenge. However, by increasing awareness, one can make strides.

On Feb. 14 and 15, Keene State College students performed in the annual production of Eve Enslers’ “Vagina Monologues.” The hour-and-a-half long show consists of stories of women dealing with sexual experiences, body image and of course, vaginas.

Interested students gathered in the Mabel Brown Room to listen to actors read from red binders which were filled with the accounts of these women.

Junior Emily Foy attended the event on Friday after hearing from some friends who enjoyed the show pr

vious years. “I had never gone, and they said it was amazing, so I wanted to come check it out,” Foy said.

While the show encompassed many mediums of humor, it also brought light to difficult topics most people don’t want to talk about. “I didn’t realize how many girls around the world get genital mutilation. That definitely stuck out to me,” Foy said.

Altogether, Foy said she enjoyed the show, “I thought it was amazing. It was definitely very eye-opening, and it made me change my perspective on a lot of things.”

Also attending the event was sophomore Emilee Haselton. Haselton said she found the show to be empowering towards all groups of women. “I thought it was really strong. It was really good and it was progressive towards women. I really liked that,” Haselton said.

One of the monologues Haselton said stuck out to her was one that discussed that short skirts are not an invitation for negative attention. “It was very progressive and looked at how we need to take back our bodies and stand up for ourselves,” Haselton said.

Some audience members came to the event searching for that form of female empowerment. Senior Atticus Caruso said, “I heard that it was going on. I had never seen the Vagina Monologues, but I knew a little bit about it. I was really excited for some sex positivity and female empowerment,” Caruso continued. “I had so much fun. I laughed, I cried, I went through the whole spectrum of emotions.”

For those that don’t know if they would be into the show, Caruso said, “I think that people should go and see the show if they have an opportunity. I think that it’s great for people all across the gender spectrum, people with all different bodies, all different backgrounds and all different ages. It’s for everyone.”

Overall, the performance was well received by the audience indicated by a loud applause as the cast took their bows. All proceeds from tickets were donated to Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention.

Cast members declined to comment on the show.

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