Sebastien Mehegan / Administrative Executive Editor

“It’s very rewarding. There are a lot of people here in the athletic department who I knew when I was a student which is going on 13 to 15 years ago now. I was kind of here at a formative point in athletics, Keene State was less than ten years into its transition into division three. I didn’t know that at the time but a lot of stuff I know in hindsight was still being figured out and so it’s been fun to come back and kind of be on the other side of that after experiencing so much as a student,” Osheyack said.

Osheyack said the biggest changes he perceived when coming back after eight years were people who had retired and moved on to other things. He also mentions that when he came back, the Zorn Dining Commons and the Science Center had just been built. However, the TDS Building, Butler Court, Pondside 3 and the LLC did not exist yet.

Osheyack said that he didn’t notice the change from being a student to working at Keene State, mainly because he had been away for so long that it just felt like a regular job. “I had eight years of living in other places and working at other jobs. My answer would be different if I had graduated one day and started working the next.”

Osheyack said he came back for many reasons but mainly because Keene State offered more for his career pursuit and financial welfare at a time when he was starting a family.

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