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Jim Eddie’s – As I drove on Winchester Street looking for a place to go for lunch, I saw Jim Eddie’s Diner, with giant grills set up at the front of the restaurant. The parking lot was packed, and barbeque sounded like a good idea. I hadn’t had a good pulled pork sandwich in months. This looked like the right place. When it comes to pulled pork, I have high expectations, since I was raised just outside of Charlotte N.C. The pulled pork at Jim Eddie’s was good, but not truly great.

I was surprised about how clean the pork was. Rarely can I eat pulled pork and not have to sort through it and pull out gristle. There was not a single bad piece of meat in this sandwich. The sandwich came topped with the house coleslaw was served in an onion roll. It’s not the best in tasting pork I’ve ever had, but it’s better than most of the places I’ve gotten pulled pork from in New Hampshire.

The texture was good, and the pork was moist. The only thing lacking in flavor was the sauce  served on the sandwich. I found it masked the taste of the pork with something that tasted like bottled barbecue sauce. I would have enjoyed the sandwich a lot more if the sauce had some kick and boldness to its taste. It didn’t add anything to the flavor the sandwich. Jim Eddie’s sauce needed some heat, or it should have been a vinegar based BBQ sauce. Either flavor would complement the pulled pork sandwich greatly. The quality of the pork was great, but the sauce took away from the sandwich.

Still, this place made me feel like I was home. I didn’t sit with anyone or talk to anyone, but just sitting in the booth brought back memories of family reunions and get-togethers. I felt welcome. That was the feel of the room. The decor was comfortable and simple.

The staff knew a lot of the customers by name. I came in when I thought the lunch rush would be over, but they were packed. My order was taken quickly and I was in and out in around 40 minutes. The staff was friendly and the service was fast. Most of the customers looked over 50, and the staff seemed a little surprised to see a young guy coming in alone.

My sandwich came with french fries and cost just under $10. Most menu items run around $9-$15. It is a good value, considering a value meal at McDonald’s will cost you around the same amount. The drink at Jim Eddie’s is sold separately. So for $12, you can get a really good meal.

Overall the restaurant brought a good experience. It is a comfortable and friendly place to eat. It is reasonably priced and the food is good. I will go back to Jim Eddie’s again.

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