A winter wonderland

Getting to class and back in one piece

Kiana Wright / Opinions editor

Snow people or not, here in New England we aren’t too surprised to get a foot or two of snow in just a few hours. The weather has its benefits – snowball fights, outdoor winter sports and easy accessible snow cones, but we can’t forget the dangerous risks that are presented during and after a snow storm.

Recent snowfall has created a nuisance for many students walking and driving around campus. Puddles and piles of slush has resulted in ruined pairs of shoes for students. Without proper shoes, like rain or snow boots, within minutes those walking around campus have their feet soaked due to the remains of the snowfall. Some of the other nuisances can be snow dragged into the buildings creating extra slippery floors at the entrances.

However, leftover snow may not always be a bad thing. Having an inch or so of snow coating the streets often beats slick black ice when driving. With a lack of proper street lighting in the area, snow is also easier to detect while driving. It may look messy but the plowing done in Keene State College parking lots and on the streets may be on purpose to actually make driving safer. And then during the sunnier days, some can still find beauty in these puddles. Whether it’s the reflection of trees or the splash created when jovially leaping into one.

For students who live off-campus, plowing may not be as big of a concern. Some landlords are quick to make sure to plow driveways and parking lots for their residents. However, this will not prevent the city from leaving some of the snow that escapes the side of their plows while clearing the streets.

As educated students we know there are many precautions that we can take to split the risks during these snowfalls in half. Taking it slow on the road is very important – give the plows a little extra time to reach the back roads because they have a lot of gravel to cover. Be warm not stylish – your slippers do not stand a chance against the slush. During this month especially, be aware of black ice and deep neverending puddles, because they are everywhere. Thank your landlords for sending someone to plow your driveway, don’t stand next to puddles when cars are going by, and go buy a bag of salt for your stairs that are routing for you to fall.

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