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Senior Ty Nichols has done it again—he has made history here at Keene State College. On Monday, the 21st, Nichols broke the school scoring record having 28 points and an overall 2,044 career points at the end of the game. Nichols broke the school scoring record after Al Hicks held it for 43 years back in 1976. As soon as he hit the basket, all of the fans stood up and applauded while his teammates and coaches ran to the middle of the court to celebrate with him. Going into this game, Nichols was only eight points away to breaking the record, so this wasn’t a surprise.

Head Coach Ryan Cain was very happy for him. He said Nichols was the most talented player he has ever coached. “I don’t know if I’ll ever coach a player, at this level, as good as him again,” Cain said.

This accomplishment didn’t come easy for Nichols. He had to put in extra time at the gym during the regular and off season. Cain said, “The amount of time he spent in a gym and the love he has for the game of basketball obviously resulted in a great amount of success for him individually, but it’s no coincidence with all the work he’s put into the game of basketball he’s had this much success as a player.”

Despite breaking this enormous record, Nichols is very humble about it. “It feels good to be among the greatest players that have played in this program before. To be mentioned with them is very high achievement for my career, but like I said, I don’t set too many individual goals for myself. I want to win another championship this year and make it deep into the NCAA tournament,” Nichols said.

Nichols said going into this game breaking the record wasn’t all that was on his mind,  “We were playing a good team, so I wanted to get the win more than that,” he said.


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