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After rehearsing all semester long, Chock Full O’Notes showed Keene State College what they could do.

On Saturday, Dec. 8, Chock Full O’Notes held their annual winter concert. The group showcased some of their new members as soloists including Janis Gaudreau, Sam Ducharme, Alex Magee and a vocal guitar solo by Than Spence under a disco ball.

Chock Full O’Notes president Morgan Sulham said, “The Chock Full O’ Notes Annual Winter Concert had a great turnout and CFON is very grateful for everyone that came. The group has spent the whole semester voting in arrangements, auditioning them, and rehearsing them.”

During the concert, the members of Chock Full O’Notes said goodbye to one of the group’s seniors Zach Howe. Howe was the treasurer of the A capella club, and has been in the club for multiple years. According to Sulham, it’s a Chock Full O’Notes tradition to send off seniors at their last concert with a pie to the face. The group kept up this tradition and pied him during the concert. “He was an incredible member of CFON and he will be greatly missed,” Sulham said.

The concert was also able to be live-streamed on Facebook. According to Sulham, this was so fans of Chock Full O’Notes would be able to see the concert all over the world. Additionally, fans could watch it in real time.

While the group put in the countless hours of rehearsal in preparation for their winter concert, the group would like to thank all the people that helped make the event itself possible. “CFON would like to thank Trinity Nay and the tech team in the student center for making our concert sound so incredible,” Sulham said.

Chock Full O’Notes will be coming back together next semester, and will begin creating plans and practicing for their spring concert.

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