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Cailla Prisco

Sports Editor

The Keene State Men’s Basketball team was narrowly defeated by the UMass Boston Beacons in last week’s game.

The Owls held their own until the third quarter where the Beacons raced ahead with eleven points.

The home team could  find a lead for only a brief few minutes through the first half, and the Beacons took the lead for the rest of the game after four minutes in.

Sophomore Owl Miguel Prieto showed his talent on the course by scoring a total of 23 points, seven rebounds and three assists with Ty Nichols following closely behind with 17 points, five assists and four rebounds.

After winning National Team of the Week, Nichols only put up a fraction of the points that he has in the past.

The Owls threatened UMass Boston in the second half but never took the lead again, creeping up on them at the 44-41 in the beginning of the second half.

The Beacons had and capitalized on shining star player Jake Ashworth, who put up 21 points, five rebounds and five assists.

According to, the Beacons had not won a game in the Spaulding gym since 2011.

According to Keene Owls, Keene State now has three weeks off before they travel to Lancaster, Pa. for the Sponaugle New Year’s Tournament on the campus of Franklin & Marshall College.  They first take on Rowan University on Saturday, Dec. 29 at 1:00 pm.  The other game features the host Diplomats and Delaware Valley University.

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