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Wesley McIntosh is a transfer sophomore here at Keene State College, and was recently awarded the Little East Conference “Rookie of the Week” award for men’s soccer.

McIntosh transferred from NHTI in Concord, New Hampshire. When asked why he transferred, he said: “I knew going into it that I was only going to be there for one or two years. I always wanted soccer to be a part of my college career, and the level of soccer they had wasn’t the level I wanted to play at. Soccer was a big part of the choice [to come to KSC] for sure.”

“I’d definitely say it was my parents that got me into soccer,” said McIntosh. “Honestly I can’t even remember when I started, I was so young. I’d say I was probably around three years old. I started playing competitively around the age of ten, when I joined a club team called Seacoast United. I played on the academy team, which is supposed to be the best level of soccer you can get besides professional in America. We would play the New England Revolution younger academy teams.”

Given this serious commitment, McIntosh said he didn’t play for his high school until his senior year. He said he left the academy team around this time due to disagreements with his coach. “He just thought that I was a different person and player than I thought I was, so we just didn’t see eye to eye on everything. We were two different types of people with different playing styles. How he wanted me to play versus how I wanted to play — it just didn’t work.”

McIntosh also said that one of his favorite parts of KSC soccer is the team. “I love the team. Honestly, I can’t say there’s one person I dislike. The coaching staff is awesome, there’s always a good amount of people at the games — it doesn’t feel like a team, it feels like a family.”

When asked if he had any plans to be captain, McIntosh was indifferent. “I’ve always kind of been the non-captain type. If people vote for me and the coach wants me to, I’m sure I could take on that task. But deep down I don’t know if I’m the best fit for that, but you never know — we’ll see.”

According to head coach Rick Scott, McIntosh had a great week: “He played very well. He set up a big goal against Western Connecticut, he actually broke in and brought some defenders with him. It was very selfless of him, and was actually the one goal we scored in the game.” Scott said McIntosh is a well-rounded player, and generally moves him between striker and attacking midfielder. “We knew of Wes his senior year at Bishop Brady, and when he played for Seacoast Academy. We didn’t think we had a chance at him — he was interested in other schools.”

Team captain Donovan Harris contributed McIntosh’s award to the work he puts in both on and off the field. Harris also said that McIntosh brought a good energy to the team, but still had to get acclimated to KSC soccer.

“The first couple weeks of preseason it was kind of a struggle for him to get used to a new play style. But he brings a lot of attributes to the team that we didn’t have last year. He’s definitely grown as a player this past season. He’s a funny guy, and very laid back — but he knows that when he steps on the field, it’s game time.”

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