Luke Stergiou / Senior Photographer

Luke Stergiou

Senior Photographer

Being a field hockey goalkeeper is no easy feat, but making 16 saves in a game is something Sophomore Rachel Loseby thought she would never do … again.

On Thursday, September 20, Keene State Field Hockey played Trinity College in a regular season game and lost 3-0.

During the game, Trinity put a lot of pressure on Keene State, attempting 28 shots overall.

Even with the constant pressure, Keene State would keep the game scoreless for the first 22 minutes until Trinity finally got their first goal after Caroline Fisher put a shot past Loseby.

Trinity would go on to score after the break, once in the 42nd minute, and the third goal coming later, in the 57th minute.

Despite this game being the first loss of the season, the bigger focus was on sophomore goalkeeper Rachel Loseby.

Loseby noted, “I played them last year, so we knew it was going to be a really tough game, and going into it there was going to be to be a lot of shots. So I just had to mentally prepare knowing it was going to be a very full action game. I just tried to focus on one shot at a time; after every shot I know there’s going to be another one coming.”

This incredible feat was not even her own personal record. Loseby added, “Last year, against the same team (Trinity), I had 17 saves.”

What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is the fact that Trinity College Field Hockey sits in 18th place in the NCAA Division 3 national rankings.

Loseby said she looks forward to breaking her record of 17 saves: “It’s a huge goal of mine. Once I got 17 saves, I went into this season expecting a lot of shots from that team [Trinity] and that was my goal for that game. So being one save away was kind of frustrating. Now I know for next year to work a little bit harder, and get one more save.”

Loseby credits her teammates as being a huge part in helping her reach this goal. Teammate and Junior Jordan LaRaus credits Loseby for inspiring her to work harder: “For me, I’m super competitive, so seeing her play drives me to work harder, get those extra minutes…”

LaRaus also mentions that she enjoys having Loseby as a teammate: “It’s fun. Between the three of us, we’re all super competitive with each other, we’re all so supportive and with Rachel, everyday is always a new adventure, like we don’t know what to expect.”

Head Coach Amy Watson reflects on coaching Loseby: “Rachel’s a great kid.”

When asked about if she (Loseby) were to break her record of 17 saves, Watson added: “She’s only a sophomore, so what she’s doing right now is great. To be honest, when she came in last year, we didn’t know a ton about her. I think she started off the season as the third choice goalie and now she’s emerged as being number one.”

Coach Watson also commented on Loseby’s work ethic: “She works hard. She’s really coachable. She’s very open to feedback, and we’ll do whatever needs to come. Sometimes she’s her own worst enemy but she’ll work really hard.” Watson also added, “She definitely leads by example on the field; she’s earned the trust and confidence of her teammates.”

Loseby looks to lead the team further into the season and capture a successive LEC title again this year.

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