The 478th meeting of the College Senate met Wednesday, October 10 at 4 p.m. in the Mountain View Room in the Student Center.

During the courtesy period, SIG Consultant Bill Reed was given the floor to speak on the state of Keene State’s Information Technology department. Reed said that he had been familiarizing himself with KSC’s IT situation and has held meetings with IT staff. Reed said that his goal was to both to maintain service and find ways to both improve and lower its costs.

Reed asked for comments and experiences, and Professor Mark Timney said that the computers the college gives to all faculty do not meet the needs of all departments. Timney said as an example that Adobe Premiere won’t even start on his office desktop. Reed said that the issue had been brought up before and will be given attention.

Reed said that he will return for an open session for feedback.

A moment of silence followed in honor of the passing of Associate Professor Jonathan Schwartz before the courtesy period ended.

Starting off the subcommittee reports, the Senate Executive Committee charged the Senate Curriculum Committee to streamline honors program proposals, and discussion on the ISP Proposed agenda had to be postponed due to the speaker not being able to make it to the meeting.

The Senate Curriculum Committee met on October 3 and went over the committee’s guidelines and planned for future meetings. They also discussed business with the music and English programs.

There was no new business.

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