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Brianna Feldman is making quite a pool of achievements for the 2017-2018 Swim and Dive season.

Feldman was awarded the Little East Conference (LEC) Rookie Diver of the Week. Feldman placed second on the one-meter board with a score of 163.20, and second on the 3-meter board with a score of 133.45 at the Keene State vs. Colby Sawyer meet on October 14.

Head Swim and Dive Coach Chris Wooldridge said Brianna had never even been off of a 3 meter board before college.

“I think the thing I’ve noticed most about her so far is her willingness to try anything and to go for it, even if it’s a painful result,” said Wooldridge.

Likewise, her teammate Molly O’Connor said, “She’s willing to do whatever dive she has to do, she’s fearless, she’s a team player.”

“I just think of it as an opportunity to try new things. I just kind of do it and hope for the best. I’m very tough and will work through pain,” said Feldman.

Wooldridge said he would describe Feldman as happy, high energy, able to get along well with her teammates, and that she enjoys both practice and the competition.

Similarly, O’Connor said Feldman is sweet, kind hearted, bubbly, caring and funny. “She’s supportive, she’s hardworking, she’s willing to do what it takes to win,” O’Connor said.

Feldman said she was shocked to see she had been given this award and that she wasn’t expecting it.

“It feels good knowing that I’ve been noticed, [especially] being a freshman,” said Feldman.

Wooldridge said that being the LEC rookie of the week means that, “She out-dove everyone else in the conference, it’s sort of a virtual comparison.”

O’Connor said that this award means that Feldman has a lot of potential.

“I hope I improve to get my scores up higher and make it regionals,” said Feldman.

Feldman also has a background in gymnastics which O’Connor said brings a different set of skills to the team, rather than someone who is only experienced with diving.

“I think gymnastics has helped my diving ability, but has already given me a sense of what I’m doing. I have a background on how to twist, rotate, and flip my body. Also having a gymnastics background, my body already knows what it’s doing so I don’t have to relearn things,” Feldman said.

“Divers contribute a lot of points and can make or break a meet, so the fact that she’s doing so well already is a really good sign,” O’Connor said.

“She’s willing to do what it takes to contribute to the program,” said Wooldridge.

Wooldridge also said he hopes to see her grow by, “Increasing the difficulty of her dives and challenging herself, which I already know she’s working on.”

O’Connor said that, “I hope that she carries on with the rest of the season doing well, and that she learns a bunch of new dives.”

Feldman started diving two years ago and said, “I feel like I’ve improved so much because of the coaches here.”

“Diving is something fun to do to connect with more people and do something I like,” said Feldman.

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