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Fraternity Phi Mu Delta (PMD) might be returning to campus this upcoming spring. According to an Equinox article published February 17, 2016, PMD was expelled from campus three years ago for pervasive alcohol and risk management violations.

The coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Brandon Mathieu, declined to comment in an email. A recent Keene State College (KSC) graduate who asked not to be named said in an email he wasn’t pleased about this. “They’re going to be a different version of what we were before,” he said.

Another former brother, a recent KSC graduate who asked not to be named, said, “I’m excited for it to come back and hopefully strengthen the Greek [Life] culture at Keene and I’m looking forward to meeting new brothers alongside myself and the older members.”

According to this brother, since the original punishment was being disaffiliated for five years, if PMD does indeed return to campus back this spring, the school would be effectively overturning PMD’s punishment. Prior to their disaffiliation, Phi Mu Delta was apart of the six fraternities on Keene State.

Chairman Matthew Lovanni, who was in the pledge class of ‘58, posted in the Phi Mu Delta Nu Omicron Alumni Association public’s Facebook group, writing: “The closing of the Nu Omicron chapter is a failure of the active brothers who could not use common sense to protect the house in these times of heightened scrutiny and focus from both Nationals and the KSC community at large. The failure rests with the current President of the Chapter. I have personally asked the past three presidents on conference calls to please begin communicating with the Alumni Association and allow us to understand their situation and help. That simply did not happen. The active brothers for the past four to six years have failed the Nu Omicron community with their brazen disregard for regulatory constraints that have been put in place which many of us pre-2010 never had to deal with.”

Lovanni also blamed alumni.

“Our Alumni have not been able to come together in any meaningful way for the past thirty or forty years which is a testament to a failure in our process,” Lovanni said.

Lovanni explained in his statement that the reason behind the Alumni Association is to “act as a conduit to Nationals.” PMD is expected to make a return this upcoming spring.

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