After the snow melts and the grass begins to grow again, New England begins to inch closer and closer to summer, which is personally my favorite time of the year. 

With warmer weather, you can do anything; like skateboarding, tennis, badminton, golf, soccer, baseball, softball, rugby, hiking, volleyball, go fishing, yodle, literally almost anything but winter orientated things. 

The possibilities are endless with warm weather. For instance, you can travel more, go ziplining, wander outside more and lay out on the grass. 

When summer hits, you get to do the best activity of all, not go to school. 

But on top of that, you can spend days at the lake, where you can water ski, tube and chill on the dock. The ride up to the lake is also an all time favorite. 

The windows are down and the warm air filters throughout the entire car, all while the music is blasting and the sun shines through the sunroof.. 

It’s a great feeling.

 Hanging out with friends while roasting hotdogs and creating s’mores is about my favorite thing ever, mostly because I like food. 

Other days, you can venture to the city and walk around, checking out different stores and just enjoying Church Street. 

Most nights you can watch the sunset and wake up early the next morning to see the sun rise. Another all time favorite is beach sunsets and sunrises. 

My favorite memory is sitting in the sand at Virginia Beach and watching fireworks go off over the ocean. 

The color and light made the water shimmer, while the sound of the waves crashing and cool night air made that moment pretty perfect. 

Enjoying walks along the beach with the daylight fading is something that I will never grow out of. 

In Vermont, you can travel to a brook and float on a tube under the sun. The water is cold but the sun makes it better. 

There are always huge rocks in the brook, which is great because you can sit on the warm rocks, which is relaxing. 

If you get bored with floating, which my friends and I usually do, you can head to a local soccer field or outside court to shoot around. 

Sports can and always do bring people together, whether it’s a game or just casually passing a soccer ball back and forth. 

Other simple activities that can make your summer that much more fun is hiking. 

Hiking is always fun for me. Getting up early to catch the sunrise and hiking down the mountain as the sun sets is a beatiful thing to see in Vermont. 

Spending time in nature, such as the forests and mountains is the most relaxing thing. You’re surrounded by a calm silence that just wraps around everything. The air is clean, the sun is warm, and nature draws out the best in people. 

Summer holds endless possibilities to make amazing memories, so take advantage of that.

Summer is a time to be free and to take advantage of what the weather has to offer you. 

Being active and going on adventures change a boring day into a memorable one. 

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