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Arnold reaches his 150th career goal

In the midst of a game against the Owls’ rival school, Plymouth State University, Keene State College senior Hunter Arnold found the back of the net, scoring his 150th career goal in KSC men’s lacrosse.

Benajil Rai / Multimedia Director

Benajil Rai / Multimedia Director

Arnold described his accomplishment, which occurred in the Owls’ fourth-to-last game, as something amazing. “Reaching a mark like that in my last season was really special,” Arnold said. Arnold has been a part of the men’s lacrosse team all four years he has been at KSC. 

However, reaching the 150th goal milestone was not a goal Arnold had in mind to reach. “It hasn’t really been a huge goal to reach 150 goals, but it’s definitely something I’m proud of accomplishing,” Arnold said. 

Lacrosse has especially been a sort of escape, Arnold said. 

The senior said lacrosse has helped him experience different opportunities and meet new people. 

“Lacrosse has always been there for me since a young age. It’s given me amazing experiences with a lot of awesome people, too many to count. But it’s definitely been something I can do to clear my mind and just be free and comfortable,” Arnold said. 

Reaching his 150th career goal has also helped boost Arnold’s confidence when stepping onto the field. 

“It’s helped me grow because it’s given me the confidence to know that I can go out there and put the ball in the net if I need to, because I’ve been in almost every situation the game could offer,” Arnold said. 

Benajil Rai / Multimedia Director

Benajil Rai / Multimedia Director

However, despite his accomplishment, the senior said being able to be friends with his teammates is the best aspect of both the game, and his time spent at KSC. 

“My favorite aspect has to be being with my best friends every day. The camaraderie and working towards a goal as a unit and accomplishing it is always a great feeling. Especially when you’ve been outside grinding every day for months, Arnold said. 

The senior added that his friends help him overcome adversities on and off the field.  

Arnold’s teammate, first-year Weston Coogan, said Arnold achieved something amazing. 

“For Hunter to reach 150 goals is an awesome achievement that not many players have done before him at Keene. It shows that his hard work paid off for sure,” Coogan said. Coogan added, “Every player wants to be the best, and when guys see a player like Hunter who has had success over such a long period of time, it definitely motivates guys to go hard in practice and games so they can reach success like that too.”

The first-year added that Arnold is very much a leader for the Owls. 

“Hunter is the anchor of our team, and does a good job of leading us in all situations. He keeps the team focused, and keeps the boys out of trouble and in the classroom,” Coogan added. 

Coogan added, “For me, I’m more of a defensive player, so my goals and Hunter’s are different, but seeing him do such amazing things and reach such high goals definitely motivates me to try and reach whatever goals I set myself.”

Coogan said the teams end-of-the-season goal is much like Arnold’s overall goal. 

Coogan said, “For our last couple games of the year I think we are looking to win the rest of our games, dominate the LEC Playoffs and head into the NCAA Tournament on a hot streak.” 

Unfortunately Arnold’s teammates or coach did not respond or comment on the subject. 

Arnold said he is thankful for the time he spent at KSC and for his teammates who helped make his lacrosse journey that much better. 

“My teammates are the best dudes in the world. I love all of them from top to bottom. They’ve always had my back, whether it is on the field or off. I couldn’t have done it without my boys,” Arnold said. 

Arnold added that the adversity his team has faced together has brought them closer. 

“There’s definitely always adversity that we’ve faced as a team, including guys being hurt or dealing with terrible weather in the early weeks of the season, and, you know, things that happen in life that you have to deal with,” Arnold said. 

Arnold added that finishing his final collegiate season as an Owl was an honor and very humbling. 

“I had the best team and teammates. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. This final season was great,” Arnold said.

With the lacrosse season over, Arnold said he was grateful to be a part of the KSC men’s lacrosse team, and that accomplishing his 150th career goal was a great way to finish off his final season.

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