On Saturday, April 28, Keene State College seniors received their yearbook, ate food and spent time together before their graduation on Saturday, May 5.

Executive Editor for Kronicle, the organization on campus that produces the yearbooks, Olivia Fischetti said the yearbooks are a good way for seniors to come together as a community and look back at the past four years that they have spent together. “This year we tried to include as many senior class events as possible since they are the ones who are getting the yearbook…it includes events like Senior Pub Crawl, Red and White Night and 100 Nights,” Fischetti said. 

angelique inchierca / photo editor

angelique inchierca / photo editor

Fischetti said the yearbooks and free and typically about half of the senior class chooses to get one. “A lot of people don’t know that there are yearbooks and I wish more knew about it because it is a great keepsake,” Fischetti said. 

According to Fischetti the yearbook process begins at the beginning of the academic year when the executive board decides what events they want to put in the yearbook. Fischetti said, along with the yearbook, there is also a supplement which is sent to students’ houses during the summer which has photographs from events that took place beyond the month of February. 

Several KSC seniors attended the picnic including criminal justice major Megan Stewart. “It is really sentimental and a lot of people look forward to getting the yearbook,” Stewart said. Stewart said her biggest accomplishment was making it to graduation and will miss the people she has met during her time at KSC. 

Some students are looking forward to what is ahead in terms of jobs. Elementary education and sociology major Holly Lafoe said she is glad that she already has found a job before graduation. “My biggest accomplishment was earning a position as a classroom teacher in Wilton, NH before I graduated,” Lafoe said. 

angelique inchierca / photo editor

angelique inchierca / photo editor

Other students going into an education career after college said they feel accomplished such as physical education major Addison Cook. “Graduating and becoming a certified teacher has been a great accomplishment for me,” Cook said. 

Psychology major Alyson Lear said her biggest accomplishment took place outside of the classroom. “I was on the advisory board for Mentors in Violence Prevention…it is important to make a community difference and being apart of the group helped me to do that,” Lear said. 

Health science major Colton Salisbury said he will be missing a lot of aspects of KSC. “I will miss how close everyone and everything is to each other…there will also a lot of events,” said Salisbury, who added that the thing he is most proud of during his time in college was finishing a capstone on reducing obesity rates of adolescents. 

Sustainable product and design innovation major Larry Wilson said he will miss the community that the school brings and that the yearbook is a good way to look back at the past four years and spend time with friends while doing it. 

Jenna Barton said her biggest accomplishment is bigger than just one single thing. “It is great to see all my accomplishments pay off. It has made me realize that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to,” Barton said. Barton added she will be attending graduate school next year at Nova Southeastern University and will miss the campus and connections she has made throughout the past four years. 

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