On Monday, April 23, it was revealed on the Keene State College Commencement Facebook page that KSC seniors will be allowed to decorate their graduation caps for this year’s commencement ceremony. 

Sebastien Mehegan / Executive editor

Sebastien Mehegan / Executive editor

Student Assembly Treasurer Casey Matthews said, last year, the senior class was told that they could not decorate their caps for commencement because of potential profanity and inappropriate words that students could put on their caps. 

Matthews added that this upset last year’s graduating class. The members of Student Government were instructed to speak with KSC President Dr. Melinda Treadwell and submit a proposal that would allow seniors to decorate their caps. 

Matthews said the proposal was accepted and, “…people are happy about the decision. Decorating caps is a great way to express themselves and their time at KSC.”

Matthews added that a part of the process required to allow caps to be decorated included writing a letter to Treadwell outlining the history of decorating caps at KSC and her hope of this year’s class being able to appropriately express themselves. 

“There is a lot of diversity in terms of participation on campus,” said Matthews. She said sashes are another way for students to express themselves and their accomplishments at KSC, but, since some people can’t afford a sash, caps are an easy way for students to express themselves and their participation at KSC. 

Matthews said there was some confusion at the beginning because Student Government had been told by KSC Coordinator of College Ceremonies and Events Rebecca Dixon that it would be fine if students decorated their caps, without realizing Treadwell had suggested to Student Government that they should do a proposal. 

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