Free mugs, coffee, food and music. What else could you ask for on a Sunday night? On Feb. 18, the Social Activities Council brought the style and feeling of a typical coffee house to the Night Owl Café.

Benajil Rai / Multimedia Director

Benajil Rai / Multimedia Director

The night began with a performance by the Keene local band, Burr, who was followed by performer Abe Parker. During the performances, student were encouraged to enjoy some coffee, s’mores, draw on the tables and grab a complementary mug supplied by SAC.

Junior Rachel Graves, who is a member of SAC, explained what went into created the event. “First, we needed to find a headliner, and this year it’s Abe Parker. We found him at NACA [National Association for Campus Activities],” Graves said.

After choosing Parker as the headliner, Graves said that SAC then looked for an opener, and decided on Burr. “We chose Burr because they actually won Rocktober fest this year, which is another event we put on we put on.”

After explaining coordinating that went into creating the event from ordering food to setting  up decorations, Graves indicated that she was excited to see the turn up the Sunday event received. “I’m extremely happy with the turn out I’m glad that we can serve so many people on campus,” Graves said.

Headliner Parker, who as been part of the NACA organizations for years, explained that he was no stranger to a coffee house event similar to the one on Sunday. “Most of the time with colleges I’ll play a coffee house type event and I’ll play solo.” Parker then added, “I also do tour a lot and play with a full band.”

Parker began playing music when he was young, and with the encouragement of his parents, who were also musicians. “My mom plays the banjo, and my dad plays ukulele. I started with the ukulele when I was five, and I kind of just spiraled downhill from there,” Parker  joked. “I got an electric guitar when I was ten, and I started writing songs and playing in lots of  bands.”

Senior Sam Whitaker attended the coffee house, and was impressed with the music by both Parker and Burr. “I loved it. I thought Abe Parker had a great voice, and I’ve seen Burr multiple times, so Burr was good. I really like it.”

During Parker’s performance, he tried to get the audience involved with singing and dancing around the NOC, which Whitaker said was his favorite part.

After his performance, Parker commented on the excellence of the staff and the students that were responsible for the event. “It was awesome all the staff here were super great. All the students that helped put it on were just really hospitable very friendly. It seems like everyone who came really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it.” Parker continued, “I’d love to come back.”

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