Transitioning into swim and dive as a first-year student in college can be nerve wracking, but the Keene State College swim and dive team has overlooked these potential struggles and taken the season head on.

First-years Caroline Morgan and Braeden Huot said they have transitioned into the swim and dive team smoothly, and claim the KSC team has been more than welcoming and helpful.

With a new environment and practice schedule, both athletes are working to perform at their highest levels this season, as well as recover from recent injuries.

Jake Paquin / Equinox Staff

Jake Paquin / Equinox Staff

Morgan said that the swim team has been extremely welcoming and supportive towards her, first-years, and simply everyone on the team.

Morgan added that the teams are very close and that she personally thought that both the women’s and men’s tea had done a great job taking the first-years under their wing and making sure they felt comfortable.

Morgan is still recovering from a recent knee injury, so having the team be there for her and be super supportive has been amazing, said Morgan.

“We’re all so close and supportive of one another in and out of the pool. It’s just really nice to be a part of that,” added Morgan.

Huot said he is really liking his transition into the team and the team is very close knit.

One of his favorite things about his new KSC team is that they spend time together in and out of a pool and really make an effort to bond and connect with one another.

Huot said that the team is very supportive and driven to get done what they need to get done, especially when it comes to balancing the efforts of academics and swim.

Like Morgan, Huot is also recovering from a past shoulder injury.

Huot said that he has been working with the coaches who have been making sure he is doing what he has to do in order to succeed and fully recover.

“I’m pretty much fully recovered from my injury and just hope to perform at the level I was performing at before. I’m just working to get faster and do better now,” said Huot.

Apart from the transition into the team and environment, both Morgan and Huot said that the coaching staff has been great.

“They give us advice and just really want us to succeed. They’re great,” said Morgan.

Likewise, Huot said, “The coaching staff has been great. They work with us one on one and aim to help us improve. They want us all to succeed.”

Both Morgan and Huot said that there has been a lot of hard work going in practice, especially when working on distance swims and that there have been some more mellow practices when focusing on sprints.

But all in all each and every athlete is putting in their work said Morgan and Huot.

Unfortunately Stormie Cuddihee and Patrick Doyle were unable to comment about their transition despite numerous attempts.

With the swim and dive season into the full swing, the KSC team has a lot to look forward to with so many excited first-years, as well as returning athletes.

Despite injuries, our new Owls have shown us that hard work and determination can lead to great things, which is more than the KSC way.

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